How to Get over Your Fear of Insects


Fear of insects (entomophobia ask insectophobia) is extremely common among human beings. It is a primal instinct that is innate, locked into us as part of our human nature.

One way to get rid of this fear is to use a company like pest control markham to ensure you have no bugs in your living space, but realistically no matter what you do, you are eventually going to come into contact with insects. There are over 10 quintillion (10,000000000000000000) insects in the world!

So, with that being the case, you may as well get used to sharing the planet with bugs. Simply coming to grips with the reality that insects exist and that you are going to come in to contact with them goes along way. Only about 5% of insects can be harmful to humans, the rest couldn’t hurt a fly! Ok, bad metaphor, but seriously most insects humans come into contact with day-to-day are harmless.

Bugs like ants and flies are common annoyances, but do they really cause you any trouble? Not really. At worst, they can steal your food, but there’s a simple solution to that. Keep your house, especially your kitchen, clean!

Human views on different species are very much a matter of perspective. In some parts of the world, insects are viewed as food, even a great delicacy! Meanwhile in North America, you usually only see someone eat an insect on a crazy gameshow…

The point is that getting over a fear of insects is really just a matter of mindset. You can choose to not let it bother you when a spider walks across your ceiling, or you can choose to let it get to you.

But, if you really can’t get over your fear of insects through good old fashioned will power, another option is to see an expert like a psychologist, counselor, or even a hypnotist. These are more expensive options, but in many cases they have been worth it to the people they helped overcome their fears.

It’s also ok just to accept that you have a fear of insects. For the 5% of insects that are harmful to humans, it’s good to be fearful! This just shows your natural survival instincts are working. However, it would be helpful if you learned more about which insects and harmful and which aren’t so you aren’t wasting those great instincts.

There are a lot of great resources on the internet (or at the library, if you know what that is!) that can help you understand the differences between bugs so you know which ones to be wary of and which ones to simply ignore.

Hopefully this post was helpful. Don’t let those creepy crawlers keep you down J

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