Why I decided To Hire A Limo For The Miami Conference

That time of year has come again, so I decided why not spoil me and my team a little bit and let our hair down with a miami beach limo service. Not only with a 5-start hotel but this time we decided to add in the extra element of having a luxury limo escort us around to the various events this weekend.

Hitting up Miami is always exciting for me. Mainly because I love the beach and the culture. The people in miami have always been so kind to me. But what has really drawn me to Miami is the big business opportunities not only with this conference but with smaller start-up opportunities. So I figured why not explain why I decided to hire a limo service in Miami.

First, I always end up getting a cab or driving from point A to Point B and no where else when I am on vacation. I’de much rather try explore all the side of the city then just the downtown core and the area around my hotel.Little Havana is an amazing place an I never make time to go visit. this year will be different when I hire a nice big limo for the team.

Second, I spend my entire year planning around events and connecting all the dots. When I am travelling for work I much prefer if everything is just handled for me. Sometime Spanish is an issue in Miami as I leteraly can’t even order a burrito. So it’s handy to have someone that as affluent to local culture soI don’t have feel awkward when unable to communicate with different restaurants and services I like to try in the city,

Third, I’m in absolutely no rush. I can hang out in the limo for a while, cruise around. Whatever comes to mind. If that’s not reason enough to grab a limo in Miami for my business conference, I don’t know what is.

Miami is a pretty big place with 5,000,000 people. Fairly easy to get lost or mixed up with directions. So it’s great to have a limo driver that knows the whole place inside and out. It can be a gamble if you’re looking to go out for some drinks with the team and all you have to go buy is the pamphlets at the hotel to see what nightclubs are in the area. Trust me, this has led me astray more than once to wrong side of town looking for a ‘party.’ Trust me, there’s plant of parties in Miaimi you don’t want to be at but with the right guide you’ll create a memory that will last a lifetime.

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