About JLC


MY name is Jowie and I’m a superstar life coach! And today I got my nails done! SEEE!

Today's brilliance nails from Jowies Life Coaching

In other news :), you probably came here to read about my lifestyle after hearing one of my presentations. I’m totally excited to meet you and really hope you consider reaching out on my Facebook page. I don’t have fans, just more friends and I’de really like to get to know all of you.

Remember it’s not about how you look, its about how you feel and that all start in your mind. IF you think you can’t you won’t but if you think you CAN YOU WILL! Simple enough right? IT’s funny how there’s so much info online about exact steps on how to improve your life when really all you need to do is follow a system. So stop getting distracted and follow my posts to get grounded, focussed and set your world on fire with success!

I always ask my new friends this one most important question of all! What are your goals? and when will you achieve them?

Please write to me at  Jowie@bla-jowett.com and tell me 5 things:

Your name.

About Your Family.

Your 3 Biggest Goals.

When you plan to achieve them.

What will you do with the success from these goals?

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